iMac - Contents

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Chapter 1: Ready, Set Up, Go

9 What’s in the Box

10 Setting Up Your iMac
16 Putting Your iMac to Sleep or Shutting It Down

Chapter 2: Life with Your iMac

20 Basic Features of Your iMac
22 Ports on Your iMac
24 Other Components of Your iMac
26 Features of the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse
28 Using the Apple Wireless Keyboard
30 Using the Apple Magic Mouse
32 Using the Apple Remote
34 Getting Answers

Chapter 3: Boost Your Memory

39 Installing Memory
44 Making Sure Your iMac Recognizes the New Memory

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Chapter 4: Problem, Meet Solution

47 An Ounce of Prevention
47 Problems That Prevent You from Using Your iMac
50 Repairing, Restoring, or Reinstalling Mac OS X Software
55 Checking for a Hardware Problem
56 Replacing the Batteries
58 Problems with Your Internet Connection
61 Problems with Wireless Communication
62 Keeping Your Software Up to Date
62 Learning More, Service, and Support
64 Locating Your Product Serial Number

Chapter 5: Last, but Not Least

66 Important Safety Information
70 Important Handling Information
71 Cleaning Your iMac
72 Understanding Ergonomics
74 Apple and the Environment

Looking for Something?

82 Index

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